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Tomas Tornevall Tomas Tornevall 65613426e89efb1ca86f15c2362780976d5ba5a4 65613426e89efb1ca86f15c2362780976d5ba5a4 Pull request #4: Develop/6.1
Merge in LIB/tornelib-php-crypto from develop/6.1 to master

* commit '56aa7e8073c50c2f9b10c377c2b09fc3b2321a18':
  Making it possible to run mcrypt over openssl up to PHP 7.1 Also fixed an issue where PHP versions are compared up instead of down for mcrypt.
  Docblocks update.
  No coverage-xml allowed.
  IO depencey goes to tag instead.
  Minor changes in 6.1.0-crypto.
  Removed old module files.
  Prior docblock updated.
  unittest update
  * Switched all function controls to use Security::getCurrentFunctionState - this makes it easier to check if functions really are available. * Checking openssl vs mcrypt vs PHP >=7.1/<=7.0 availability. Will throw execeptions if openssl is absent and mcrypt is present in PHP 7.1 platforms. * Updated compression class. * Added docblocks. * Added minor test to check openssl presence.
  Restructured classes.
  composer.json fixed
  removed blocking requirements
  cryptolib update source refs
  Initiated crypto library
Tomas Tornevall Tomas Tornevall 56aa7e8073c50c2f9b10c377c2b09fc3b2321a18 56aa7e8073c50c2f9b10c377c2b09fc3b2321a18 Making it possible to run mcrypt over openssl up to PHP 7.1 Also fixed an issue where PHP versions are compared up instead of down for mcrypt.
Tomas Tornevall Tomas Tornevall 218a7a7349b5f01cc0121b936f60913a6dc1997f 218a7a7349b5f01cc0121b936f60913a6dc1997f Docblocks update.
Tomas Tornevall Tomas Tornevall 4aafc1063bd67f94e716374ac446811db8be34dc 4aafc1063bd67f94e716374ac446811db8be34dc Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.tornevall.net/scm/lib/tornelib-php-crypto into develop/6.1 README updated.
Tomas Tornevall Tomas Tornevall 05a23675cb351d9e31e891eed1b79faac0902e3d m 05a23675cb351d9e31e891eed1b79faac0902e3d unit-file